Dumbbell Circuit Card Combo (Pack #1 & 2)

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Product Overview

Save money when you buy a combo! Add a professional touch to your fitness classes with these sixteen (16) colour laminated durable circuit cards for including dumbbell exercises in your older adults and seniors workouts.

Dumbbell circuit stations included:
PACK 1: Shoulder Press | Bicep Curl | Forward & Up | Chest Fly (F) | Squat/Calf Raise | Bent Over Row (C) | Shoulder Rotation | Side Arm Raise

PACK 2: Woodchops | Overhead Hold | Reverse Fly | Forward Arm Raise | Calf Raise | Blade Squeeze | Elbow Raise | 1-Leg Deadlift

F = Floor C = Chair


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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