Mobility Freestyle Vol. 1

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Product Overview

Are you needing to move and stretch and work through every joint from your toes all the way up to your fingertips? Then Carol has the workout for you, with these new Mobility Freestyle workouts.  
Improve your co-ordination, flexibilty and strength with these low intensity seated workouts, and have a little fun with Carol along the way too, whether you're at home, exercising with someone you care for, or working in an aged care facility. 
In this volume, Carol brings together two great 30 minute workouts on one DVD, with no equipment necessary, just a chair, to help improve mobility and energy in older adults and seniors.
This volume includes:
* 2x Freestyle classes
Our exercise workouts are developed and taught by trained and qualified fitness instructors, and have been approved by specialists to be safe and effective for older adults and seniors of all fitness levels. 

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