Select from our extensive range of workout DVDs and find one that suits your needs. Whether you are an older adult wanting a high intensity workout at home, or you're in an aged care facility needing gentle exercise for your residents, we've got a workout to suit you! Browse our store below or select your category to the left, according to your fitness levels - see below for descriptions. We've also got bundles available where you can save money when you buy two or three DVDs together!


DVD Descriptions

Happy Heart (low intensity) – This is our introductory level where exercises and routines are performed at a pace where beginners can learn and adapt. Routines and exercises are simpler, and often performed with more repetitions.

Zippy Zest (medium intensity) – These classes pick up the pace a little, as well as increasing the complexity of cardio routines and exercises. They are for more experienced participants who have done classes before, and have a good understanding of the moves and exercises.

Power Plus (high intensity) – Exercises, routines and workouts are harder, the music is faster, and the aim is to sweat a lot more too! To safely and correctly perform these workouts you must be experienced and confident with both the workouts, and the limits of your participants.

Mobility Masters (gentle exercise) - Exercises are seated and aim to build strength, improve co-ordination, and challenge flexibility. Workouts are at a slower pace and use a variety of apparatus, such as bands, balls, spoons and scarves, and also include freestyle exercises with no equipment necessary.

Mobility Freestyle (gentle exercise) - Similar to Mobility Masters, these seated exercises aim to improve strength, co-ordination and flexibility, but require no equipment. Designed for aged care or older populations with limited mobility and fitness. 

Better Balance (low intensity) - A series of standing exercises designed to build strength and co-ordination, in an effort to improve balance and confidence in older adults and seniors. Exercises use a chair for stability, and can include equipment like a ball.

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