Mobility Masters Band & Spoons Bundle #1 (with free band!)

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Product Overview

Add so much variety to your weekly exercise with this fantastic bundle of freestyle, band and spoons classes. Each DVD includes three great workouts, so you can pick and choose the exercises that are right for you.

The bundle includes Mobility Masters Vol. 1, 3 and 5, and in each volume Carol brings together three great 30 minute workouts, to help improve mobility and energy in older adults and seniors. 

And every bundle includes a FREE BAND to get you exercising sooner!

Each volume includes:

* 1x Freestyle class
* 1x Band class 
* 1x Spoons class

Our exercise workouts are developed and taught by trained and qualified fitness instructors, and have been approved by specialists to be safe and effective for older adults and seniors of all fitness levels. 

DVDs can be used by individuals exercising at home or for aged care residences and community centres for group activities.

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