Power Plus Combo Pack #1

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Get four great workouts over two DVDs that are safe, fun and effective for older adults exercising at home!


Power Plus Vol. 1

Workout #1: Combo (30 mins) - Trudi brings together standing aerobics, strength and cardio moves, as well as floor exercises, to stretch every part of the body.

Workout #2: SIT Strength (30 mins) - Carol uses dumbbells in a workout with seated and standing chair-based exercises, to build up muscles in the arms, legs and core.


Power Plus Vol. 2

Workout #1: SIT Cardio (30 mins) - Carol keeps the arms and legs moving continuously in this seated cardio workout that will get the heart pumping too.

Workout #2: LIE Core (20 mins) - Trudi teaches a floor-based workout with a series of exercises to build core strength and stamina, as well as build leg and shoulder muscles.

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